Every day, new juggling tricks are invented around the world. Not only by the best jugglers, by everyone. It's thanks to the unique nature of juggling, which we believe in – there are no limits whatsoever.

The symbol of infinity, which we adopted as the heart of our identity, has a plenty of interpretations. Besides communicating the infinite possibilities that juggling offers, it is our ultimate motivation to improve. Three years ago, we asked ourselves: is it possible to make juggling balls of infinite durability? Though it was a crazy idea, we actually took it seriously. After three years of development, we say that we are really close.

Back to the beginning

Jugglequip was founded in 2012 by a Czech juggler Tomáš Zahradník. That is a moment we call “the first birth”. The plan was to make a Czech brand of juggling equipment, since noone was manufacturing juggling props in the Czech Republic back then. Tomáš became the first Czech to produce juggling balls, however the local market was quite small for his ambition.

In 2013, Tomáš was joined by Vašek as external advisor. Together we set out to design a beanbag to last longer than usual. Why? Because buying a new set of juggling balls every year is annoying. Moreover, a great juggling ball should survive accidents like being fetched by a dog or getting riden over by a car. We searched for the best materials available and crash-tested dozens of balls to find out which combination of materials and stitching techniques would do well. As a result, we introduced Perfect – the beanbag that lasts.

Three years later we decided to change our roles. Tomáš, who was busy designing a new juggling prop and having a number of other activities (e.g. running a grocery store), relinquished the lead to Vašek. We launched a new website and redesigned the corporate identity.

Looking in the future-mirror

We are here to show that we have a big ambition. This year we are selling two types of balls – Perfect and Flybag. Both of them are the ones we liked the most of the twenty beanbag prototypes we made. But still, we think we can do better. How?

If you have some experience with beanbags, perhaps you know that they get softer and softer over time. It because the filling – millet – is slowly ground while you juggle. Our second goal is to fully replace millet by a more durable material (which is also water-resistant and non-allergenic).

We believe that innovation is what juggling equipment industry needs. Stay in touch (namely on Facebook) to hear how we are doing. And not to forget: thank you for your support.

Vašek & Tomáš

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