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Following text is a translation of a Spanish original.

We begin our review series with the juggling balls Perfect, which are reviewed by Manolo Carambolas.


Jugglequip is a Czech innovative juggling brand established in 2012 by Tomáš Zahradník. Its infinity logo represents the endless possibilities which juggling offers. After a year Vašek Peca joined the team and together they started to develop balls that last. They called them „Perfect“ and introduced the final version after 3 years of development.

On the outside they are made of synthetic leather, which gives them a feel of adhesion. The material is hard at first, but it softens over time. Currently there are four colours: white, orange, red and green.

Their main feature is durability: it can be driven over with a car!

Anyway, a solid material is worthless if it’s not treated properly. After they tested different prototypes, the pattern they chose is so-called Octa layout. That is a layout of 8 triangles forming octahedron sewn together very solidly. You may be surprised by the final shape of the ball – it is not exactly round, the seams are little inwards. It is a detail that is inaesthetic, but isn’t that discomforting.

The balls are filled with a mixture of millet and iron pieces. That is a special decision of the designers, they believe increasing weight improves the jugglers’ control of the throws. I guess each juggler has their opinion on this issue. They also searched for a balance in the volume of the filling mixture so that the balls have a good feeling of firmness in hand without being too hard.

I like the philosophy of Jugglequip: they focus on constant innovation, always use durable and sustainable materials, yet keeping the maximum efficiency for training. At the moment, they only have two models of balls: in addition to Perfect, there is Flybag, an underfilled plushy ball. The two managers of the brand have their eyes  opened seeking for possibilities to improve their products. For example, in the future, they want to change the millet filling to something more durable, water resistant and non-allergenic.

I would recommend Perfect especially for people looking for a simple and reliable training ball, which is a bit heavier than average but durable, solid and with a very nice grip.


Product name: Perfect
Brand name: Jugglequip
Weight: 125 g
Size: 64 mm
Colours: white, orange, red, green
Materials: synthetic leather, millet, iron pieces



This is the only disadvantage of the balls. The seams are quite bold, the feel is not very soft, even though it softens after time and the shape is not 100% round. But all of these are concessions that allow the above-average durability.

Surface finishing

The balls are very resistant, so we expect that high quality materials were used. The seams are precisely made and seem to be very strong. The synthetic leather has nice adhesion.


As videos prove, the balls are very strong and durable. They survive being squeezed in vice and even a car driving over them.


As I explain below, the weight factor depends on juggler. They are on the heavy side compared to other balls, but being training balls it’s OK – you have more control of them.


Again, this is a matter of individual opinion, but for me it’s a very good size that allows a great grip.


  • quality and resistance of the materials
  • above-average durability
  • very good grip
  • sensational control of the movement
  • innovative philosophy of the brand
  • not a „beautiful“ ball
  • the surface is not completely round
  • the surface is not smooth (both of these are on purpose so that the ball resists hard conditions)

Perfect is a ball that I would especially recommend to jugglers who do routines with three balls. I think it's a ball that serves for both beginners and advanced jugglers.

Final score: 5/5
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