Perfect M

Perfect M

diameter: 64 mm

weight: 125 g

Perfect is our most advanced ball – it took us three years to satisfy our own needs for a truly perfect juggling ball.

It is made from rip-resistant synthetic leather. During the development we found out that the most frequently used panel design, which we call “Octa Layout”, is the best in combination with this material: it is sufficiently round, but it doesn't feel too chinky. Every ball is carefully sewed and all seams are controlled if not faulty.

The skin is filled with a mixture of millet and iron pellet. That makes the ball slightly heavier than other beanbags of that size. It is a factor which gives you more control over your juggling pattern.

We are aware that juggling ball weight is a parameter, which divides the jugglers community into two groups – some like it light, whereas the others enjoy heavy. We are on the heavy side, since we believe it is advantageous from the long-term perspective. It may take a few weeks to get used to it, but it pays off by rock solid pattern and less accidental slips from your palms.