diameter: 64 mm

weight: 105 g

The first impression after holding Flybag in hand is always the same: wow, that's soft! It is softer than anything that you've juggled with so far, and you won't stop touching it just for fun.

Even though you may like to use it as a cushion, Flybag is a versatile juggling ball. It is nice for recreative juggling with 3 balls or trying tricks that require a ball to drop on any part of your body.

The beanbag is made of synthetic suede. It is a pliant, thin, yet durable material. The ball is sewed from four triangular panels, which are forming a tetrahedron. The skin is filled with 100 g of millet (that takes ⅔ of the hull volume).

Flybag is a stylish ball that stands out by its original design. It's visibly branded by Jugglequip logo print on one of the panels.